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tetragonal adj : of or relating to or shaped like a quadrilateral

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  1. Having four sides (as a tetragon); quadrilateral.
  2. Having two equal axes and one unequal, and all angles 90°.

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In crystallography, the tetragonal crystal system is one of the 7 lattice point groups. Tetragonal crystal lattices result from stretching a cubic lattice along one of its lattice vectors, so that the cube becomes a rectangular prism with a square base (a by a) and height (c, which is different from a).
There are two tetragonal Bravais lattices: the simple tetragonal (from stretching the simple-cubic lattice) and the centered tetragonal (from stretching either the face-centered or the body-centered cubic lattice).
image:Tetragonal.png|Simple tetragonal image:Tetragonal-body-centered.png|Body-centered tetragonal
The point groups that fall under this crystal system are listed below, followed by their representations in international notation and Schoenflies notation, and mineral examples.


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